Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nervously Blogging About Nothing Pre-Game 7

Disclaimer: I'm writing this only to take my mind off of Game 7 later. But now that I think about it, talking about hockey isn't going to help...anyway.

I really don't think I can do this. Game 7's are fun to watch, but when your team is on the brink of elimination/victory it's really just going to cause your cortisone levels spike to levels which some doctors would describe as "dangerously high."

Winner take all, and by "all" what I really mean is "advances to the Western Conference Final." But baby steps, right?

Keys to the Game:

Special Teams: If the Kings stay out of the box, they stand a good chance at winning this game. Even if they do get into some penalty trouble, their PK has only allowed one power play goal this playoffs.

Jonathan Quick: He's going to have to play really well, like he usually does.

Forecheck: The team that can get their forecheck going early and maintain it will win. Eliminate time and space. Not to be confused with the space time continuum. Don't want to mess with that...
Man, Darryl Sutter hasn't changed a bit since 1985.

Carter/Richards/Kopitar/Brown: These guys need to score. Early and often. Kopi's lack of scoring in the playoffs (6 points in 12 games) is like watching an episode of Walking Dead.

Quick! Someone call Daryl!

Joe Thornton: Please. PLEASE don't let this man score any goals....
Why do I keep doing this? 

According to NHL.com the Kings are favored in this game, mainly because of the significance home-ice advantage has served in this series.

I ask you, fellow Kings fans, to make sure you go through your pregame rituals EXACTLY how you have done for every home game thus far. We'll need an juju/mojo we can get.

That's all. Go Kings. I'll be the guy yelling at a TV in the middle of an empty sports bar with my Hawaiian friend.

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